September 4, 2010: Visiting in Irving

I had to get up at a quarter till seven this morning so that I could get logged in and do some morning work.  Pretty normal for a Saturday for me.  I put in a few hours before anyone else got up which worked out pretty well.

The weather was really nice again today.  My family is really fortunate that they came down this weekend.  They managed to avoid the incredible heat and get to see the DFW at its best.

I ended up having just tons of work that needed my attention today and got very little free time during the day.  Late in the morning, everyone went down to the pool to swim while I watched the dogs and worked.  I was planning to wrap some stuff up and head on down to the pool myself but just before I was able to do so Liesl was brought up because she was exhausted.  So Liesl slept and I worked and watched her and the dogs for several more hours.

At least the day turned out to be very productive.  I got just tons of work done.  And Liesl got a nice nap and the dogs did not have to be lonely.

Dominica, Gayle and Gwen came up from swimming around three thirty.  We visited for a while and then everyone showered and got ready to go to La Cima for our six o’clock dinner reservations.  Even when we have plenty of time it always seems like it is a rush to get ready and to get out of the door.

Dinner was excellent.  There was a wedding at the club tonight so we dined in the Lakeside Room which is neat because it has views of our apartment and my office.  This was Dominica’s first time ever having dinner in Lakeside.  Nicki and I ate there once previously.  It makes a nice change from the Skyline Dining Room where we normally eat.

After dinner we headed back to the apartment and turned in early.  Aunt Gayle and Gwen are hoping to be on the road very early tomorrow and want to be up around four in the morning which is pretty crazy.  I was the first to go to bed, however, as Liesl was upset and not feeling well and needed me to stay with her or else she would cry a lot.  The upside is that I was able to go to bed nice and early and get some real sleep for a change.

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