September 6, 2010: C’mon Everybody It’s Labor Day

Today is Labor Day and I have the day off.  Whoo hoo for a three day weekend.  The family slept in late and basically took the day off to do absolutely nothing all day.  No shopping, no traveling, no nothing.  Time to just zone out.

My big project, continuing from yesterday, was playing Dragon Age: Origins Awakening which is continuing to be really good.  The expansion is definitely very buggy in comparison to the main game but my game is playing better than Dominica’s did as there have been several bug fixes released since she played through the expansion pack.  Dominica is planning to play the expansion pack again, though, because she was not happy with the outcome of the first time that she played it and she wants to have better success playing it a second time.

It was great having an entire day with just nothing at all to do.  Of course, it wasn’t completely nothing but it was a good approximation.  There were some issue that came up that demanded my attention but they were few and far between.

We were very lazy today and neither of us felt like going anywhere so we decided that since it was a holiday that it would be good to just order in from Domino’s and go all out.  Liesl loves when pizza gets delivered and does her “happy pizza dance.”

I managed to make it through the bulk of Awakenings today.  I was probably about fifteen hours in by the end of the day.  I am far enough along that I was wondering around the game pretty extensively trying to figure out what I might have missed and trying to tie up any loose ends that might exist.  I don’t want to miss very much and am trying to be as thorough as is reasonable.  Dominica was not that thorough and was quite disappointed.  Awakenings is much less forgiving than the main DAO title was and if you don’t make good decisions, bad things can happen!

It was a very nice, very relaxing day.  We had a nice time just hanging out together as a family and doing as little as possible.

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