September 7, 2010: Finishing Awakening

Back to work.  The weekend had to end sometime.  I sure did not want to pull myself out of bed this morning when I got up.  I was a bit late as well.

At lunch today I rushed home and managed to sneak in about one more hour on Awakening.  I am very close to the end and my goal is to complete the game this evening.  I want it done and out of the way 😉  It has been really nice having a few days to forget most everything else and get stuck into the DAO world.  I am pretty sure that once I complete it that Dominica is going to get back into playing through her second game again.  She is already pretty far through DAO for her second time.  She is much more of a “play it again” person than me.  I really like to play a game through, very thoroughly, and get really in to it one time but I nearly never consider going through a game twice.  King’s Quest being a notable exception there – I’ve probably played through the original three times at least.

After work I came home and Liesl was still asleep, which has gotten to be pretty common these days.  She used to go to sleep for her afternoon nap around eleven thirty.  Now she doesn’t fall asleep until after two – or even after three.  So she is very tired and still napping when I get home from work.  This is good for me because I get to spend lots of time with her at lunch but it is bad because she stays up much later than we want to and her sleep is all weird which does not seem to be good for her.

It did give me a chance to get right into Dragon Age: Origins Awakening when I got in the door and I played it straight for about two hours and managed to complete it!  Eighteen and a half hours in three days and the game is done.  It was very good and I was quite happy with how the ending played out.  They did a good job and I like how things ended for my character.  I really feel that they did an excellent job of making my character really be true to himself even if the ending was somewhat melancholy.

As soon as the game was done it was time for the biweekly conference call that I do on Tuesday nights.  It was just a short one this week, though, and only lasted about forty-five minutes.

We managed to get off to bed at a semi-reasonable time tonight.

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