October 12, 2010: All Quiet on the House Front.

I worked from home for a little while this morning.  There was a bit of work to do so I logged in to work early and just got caught up trying to keep up with all that needed to be done.

Before going into the office I needed to swing over to the real estate office to sign some paperwork.  So I did that and then went over to Panera Bread to pick up a thing of coffee to take back to the office.

Getting coffee turned out to be an hour long project.  Fortunately I had my iPod Touch with me which I had loaded up with Audible books yesterday and last night I had started listening to Alexis do Tocquville’s Democracy in America which I have wanted to read for many years but have never gotten around to doing.  So I listened to that for a while and ate an early lunch.  So it wasn’t the waste of time that it might have been.  But still, an hour for coffee.  That is a long time.  And when they finally brought it, they were out of their normal coffee totes so had made a makeshift coffee tote out of a box that they found.  I appreciated the effort but it was doomed for failure.

I got to the office and, of course, there were several coffee spills.  I guess that it couldn’t be avoided.  And no creamer today.  Argh.  At least Panera coffee is so good that drinking it black really isn’t a problem.

I took a very late and very short lunch.  After work I had a meeting up in Plano so drove up there as quickly as I could after work.  This was my first time in Plano.  One thing that I have learned about the DFW Metroplex is that all of these places that Americans know by name and feel much be major cities, like Plano, Carrollton, Richardson, Irving, Arlington, Grand Prairie, Denton, etc. are just random designations for random areas of population.  It is all endless suburbia and nothing differentiates one bit of it from another.  None of these places has any identity on its own at all.  They aren’t cities in the way that we think of cities in the rest of the country.

The meeting went well and afterward we all went to Waffle House for dinner.  That didn’t take long and then it was off to home.  I was home by a little after eight.

No word on the house today.  Nothing other than me signing that paperwork earlier in the day.  We made it all day without any feedback from the sellers.  This would never happen in New York.

We also had to deal with the furnace in our Peekskill house this weekend.  Apparently it is not turning on properly so we have to send an HVAC company out there to deal with it.  That is not fun.  Who knows how much that might end up costing.  These are the pains of being a landlord.  Although this issue would have hit us whether it was us living there or if it was renters.  This is our first major issue since getting someone into the house to rent it.  Before we had renters we had that shattered back door but that has been about it.

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