October 13, 2010: And still, no news on the house

Another day and so far nothing has been said about the house.  Very frustrating.  We are so not used to how things are done in Texas.  It is amazing that anything gets done down here with a pace like this.

I managed to get up this morning, get showered, Oreo walked and out the door before Liesl woke up.  It still wasn’t that early as she had gone to bed pretty late but anytime that I can sneak out before she wakes up works out really well so that we don’t go through the drama of me leaving her or trying to get ready while she is awake.

It was a very busy day at the office.  Fortunately the coffee that I brought in yesterday was still there so I was able to just drink that.  Cold but perfectly good.

I managed to take a very late lunch and spend a little bit of time at home with Dominica and Liesl.  If we time it right I am able to get home, hang out, watch something while Liesl calms down heading towards a nap, walk Oreo and get out the door just before Liesl falls asleep for maximum family time.  Then Liesl will sleep pretty much until I get home after work so I really don’t miss much time with her.

The afternoon was a long, busy and stressful one today too.  I tried to leave work around five but didn’t manage to actually leave until almost six thirty.  I got home and ended up on a call until seven.  As soon as I was free we ran out to get to La Cima for pasta night which we missed last week.  It is just us this week, Watson took the night off.

Liesl was very good tonight.  She is always getting better and better at going out to eat.  Her food attention span slowly increases as she gets older and as we get better at managing the situation.  Tonight we thought to bring along the iPad so that she could watch movies on there over the WiFi via Netflix when she got bored.  The iPod Touch had worked out so well two weeks ago that we were hopeful that this would be an improvement on that – which it was.

When we got home we saw that we had missed a call from our real estate agent.  Of course, no message was left so nothing went to my email and when we called back we just got her voice mail.  Our call wasn’t returned.

We had spoken to our agent at one o’clock when I had just gotten home for lunch and at that time she had said that she was supposed to have heard something by three.  But we never heard anything and had not managed to reach her before leaving for dinner at seven.  It was probably nine thirty when we called her back.

So another day has passed without any news on the house.  Very frustrating.  We will both feel much better when we know the actual status of the situation.  We would really like to be able to do some planning.

Speaking of planning – next week is going to be crazy.  Brian and Dave are flying to Austin on Wednesday afternoon.  I drive down to Austin Wednesday evening.  Thursday and Friday are SpiceWorld.  I am speaking at the conference on Friday morning at ten thirty.  I found out the other day that I have been voted the number one attraction for this year’s event!  How weird is that?  I will be returning to Dallas on Saturday morning, laden with Round Rock Donuts.  Then, around Monday, Kevin and Pam are coming to visit us in Dallas.

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