October 15, 2010: Busy Day in Texas

I slept in some today and got up just in time for my first morning conference call.  Friday mornings are so boring.

As soon as my first call was done it turned out that there was another call on my calendar.  Oh fun. So I jumped on that one.  That call ended up going all morning.  It actually went into the afternoon.  Dominica made breakfast and brought me food while I was on the call.  Then later she made lunch and fed me while still on the call.  One of those days, I guess.

All morning was crazy.  I made it into the office, finally, at around two thirty, believe it or not.  People were pretty surprised to see me but it is Friday and there is as much to do after three as there is before so I was still in the office for the bulk of the day.  Probably best that I was home for a while as I am so much more productive when I am home.

The afternoon did turn out to be just as nuts as the morning.  By the end of the day everyone was totally burnt.

Jeff, Dan and I headed over to Rockfish for Friday evening martinis.  Rockfish didn’t order the gin that they were supposed to get for me.  They gave some excuse that made absolutely zero sense and so I guess the real answer is that they don’t special order drinks but they shouldn’t offer to do so.  It isn’t like I asked them to, they volunteered and then when I showed up to order it they got all weird.  Whatever.  Watson was waiting at Rockfish when we arrived.

We had dinner and hung out for a while.  While we were there Dominica and Liesl went to Kroger and did some grocery shopping so it was a good use of the time.  I didn’t miss out on Liesl hang-out time while being out.  Prasanna joined us just before we broke for the evening – we are lightweights and consider nine thirty to be really late.

I grabbed Rockfish’s bread pudding for Dominica and Watson dropped me off at the apartment.  Then it was some 30 Rock and off to bed for us.

We have out house inspection scheduled for Sunday morning at nine.  Tomorrow we have to take the X3 into the shop to get its seventy thousand mile service done.  Just what we need this month, another expense.  We are just bleeding cash at the moment.  It seems bleak but once the house is done we should be saving a little bit there, a hundred or more per month we hope.  And the BMW should be set for quite some time.  And I finally filed our tax returns for 2009 today and we are getting an amazing refund so that will help immensely with everything.

Tomorrow evening we will be down in Mansfield hanging out with the family.

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