October 16, 2010: Visiting with Family

I wonder how much of 1970s design that I love is not so much because it is the design of my childhood but it is the design so prevalent in the EPCOT of my memory?

Liesl has a new thing that she likes to do: she goes and lays in bed and watches Dora from bed.  The good thing is that she loves taking naps and will come ask to go to bed quite often.  The bad part is that she doesn’t always fall asleep and she watches more than she should.  It is also hard for us to manage turning the PS3 and television in her room off without popping in and disturbing her if she is not completely asleep.  So no good solution there yet.

Liesl has also started a new thing where she says “I Love You” when we leave her room.  So we open the door and say it back to her.  Then she says it again, louder, once we close the door.  This goes back and forth for several minutes.  She finds it very entertaining.  She is the cutest little girl ever!

I got up and worked for the office for a while this morning then we rushed out the door to take the X3 to the dealer for service.  The only dealer that we could find in the area is thirty minutes away which is a bit of a pain.

Dropping off the car turned out to be a major ordeal.  It took the shop over an hour just to check us in!  Massive inefficiency.  Everyone was friendly and the place was clean and attractive but the staff was all confused and there was no clear direction as to how to get service and when I finally managed to do the “right” thing… the concierge handling me just left and left me standing there waiting for him.  After half an hour and several other people offering to help me I finally decided that he had left for the day and left me there so someone else helped me.  Not very coordinated at all.

While I was waiting at the dealer I got to see a guy drive his BMW 528i into the side of the garage because they made him, a clearly not-very-focused older guy, back out of the long garage bay area.  He drove out at a twenty degree angle or so and just hit the one garage door post.  Did quite some car and garage damage.

After dropping off the car we drove back to the apartment and dropped off Oreo.  Then we went on to Waffle House for a really late breakfast.  So late that it was kind of late for lunch, even.  Liesl ate an entire half of a waffle.  She is really getting good at eating her meals now.

We went home and I worked for a little while and Dominica napped.  I took care of Liesl until Dominica woke up after almost three hours.  She has been really exhausted growing this baby.  Far moreso than with Liesl.

It was almost four when we drove down to Mansfield to hang out at the Newpowers’ for the evening.  Liesl is getting more and more comfortable with the family and knows where we are now when we arrive in their neighbourhood.  She immediately leaves us and is happy to go visit with the adults and play with the kids.  She knows to run upstairs to get to the toys and play area.

It is amazing how quickly Liesl is becoming independent.  She will even go outside with just the kids and play on her own.  She doesn’t need to have Dominica or I around at all.  She is growing up so fast.

We had to take off early this evening because Oreo was waiting at home for us and we have to get up early tomorrow so that we can go do the house inspection at nine up in Carrollton.  So we need to get some sleep tonight.

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