October 18, 2010: Foundation Inspection

It was a normal day with no news on the house or the car until around eleven when Dominica called to tell me that we had a one o’clock appointment with the foundation expert to see what would need to be done on the house before it would be in good shape.  So we had to drop all plans and figure out what to do.

I ran home at twelve and walked Oreo and got the family ready to go.  The inspector was running late so we were in good shape and left at twelve thirty.  We drove over to the office and picked up Dan who had offered to come look at the house with us and give us his opinion as well.

We went to IHOP for lunch since we had time before the inspection.  That worked out well as we were all very hungry.

The inspection went pretty well and pretty quickly.  Ten piers are needed to shore up the foundation which will cost four thousand dollars.  Not cheap at all but far from the possible numbers that we were looking at like ten to thirty thousand at an extreme.  Four thousand is a manageable number and hopefully will be covered by the seller as the work already needs to be done and the walls have already taken damage from the foundation shifting.

Dan liked the house and gave it his seal of approval.  He felt that, overall, the house was in good shape and there was nothing too major about which to be concerned other than the foundation.  Everyone who has gone through the house really likes it which has made us a lot happier about the decision to move forward with the house.  Of course, after the inspection today, it will be at least two days before we can get any feedback from the seller and find out what they are going to do about the foundation.

After the inspection it was back to the office.  I worked very late as there was a lot to do and I was out for a while during the day.

We never heard about the car so we have to wait until tomorrow, I guess, before we can pick it up.  It is going to cost $1,800 to get it fixed.  Just what we need this month.

We ordered in Italian tonight and tried to relax and did some planning for my presentation at SpiceWorld on Friday morning.

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