October 19, 2010: Droid X

Today begins another day of waiting and wondering what is happening with the house.  No one seems to be particularly concerned so we are taking that as a good sign but still, given how things have gone with the other houses, we are understandably nervous.  We are especially nervous as we really like this house far more than we had liked the others.

Today became errand day for us.  I worked until around eleven thirty when I had to run home, grab Dominica and head out to take care of a number of important errands that have been building up.

Our first stop was at the Verizon store to get Dominica a new phone.  That ended up taking absolutely forever.  About an hour and a half to get her new phone set up and everything moved over.  She was undecided when we went to the store as to whether she wanted to try a Droid 2 or a Droid X.  The Droid 2 has a physical keyboard but the Droid X has a bigger screen while being smaller and has a better camera.  After playing with both, she decided on the Droid X.

Then it was over across the street to sign some additional paperwork for the new house.  That didn’t take too long but even a short trip across the street here is going to take twenty minutes.

We had lunch at TGI Fridays.  Dominica had decided that she was just in the mood for it.  Once we got there though she realized that they don’t do anything vegetarian so that really did not work out well at all for us.  I was able to get some seafood that was okay for me but not for Dominica but, in the end, it wasn’t really very good.  We really should remember to just not go there no matter how inviting it looks.  Applebee’s likewise took everything vegetarian off of their menu while we were living in New Jersey and we found that there was nothing that we wanted to eat left there.

Then we had to run into Dallas to go to the BMW dealer to pick up the car.  That was almost $1,900 in repairs that we had to have done!  Ugh.  That was not fun.  It took way too long to pick up the car as well.  Not an efficiently run dealership at all.  Not nearly as bad as it was when I had dropped it off but still way too slow.  And after how painful it was to drop off the car I was in no mood to deal with this dealership again.

I rushed back to work and went on with my busy afternoon.  After work we had planned on going to La Cima for dinner but decided that we were too tired and had too much to do that would be better if we were home.  This is my last evening at home for the week so I need to be all ready before going to bed tonight.

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