October 23, 2010: Returning from SpiceWorld

Originally I was supposed to be in the office in Las Colinas all day today starting at six in the morning but since my tire blew on the car last night I am stuck in Austin today so I am working from the hotel all day.

I slept on the floor last night and just set up and worked from there this morning.  Not exactly comfortable, especially as there was actually a bit of work going on that I needed to do so I was propped up on my elbows trying to work for a few hours.

Watson woke up around seven thirty but Jen was still asleep so I stayed working from the floor till probably nine or so.  By that time everyone was mostly up and the crew decided to go out for breakfast.  I had to work so was unable to leave.  The SpicePioneer breakfast that had been planned for this morning turned into an NTG breakfast as NTG pretty much supplied all the people and only two or three SpicePioneers were in attendance.

The crew brought me breakfast which was still pretty good even though it was mostly cold.  Once breakfast was done, Watson drove me to the local Walmart Supercenter where we dropped off the Mazda to get the tires replaced.  The one is completely shredded and the other rear tire is pretty thin.  So I had both rear tires replaced, balanced and warrantied.  Only $283 total which really isn’t too bad.  I had the new tires put on the front and the old front tires rotated to the rear.  It was going to take a while so we drove back to the hotel to wait for them.

I worked from the hotel all day which is a bit of a pain.  Throughout the day people had to leave to catch their flights back home from the conference.

Once they kicked us out of the hotel we moved into the lobby where what appeared to be the Miss America pageant was coming through.

I worked from the lobby until the last shuttle out, Grey heading back to Denver, left the hotel.  That was the end of my work for the office and my car was done so we loaded up Watson’s truck and went and got my car.  From there the three vehicles heading north to Dallas left.

Souder rode with me for the three hour drive north to Dallas.  We took a little time to grab Long John Silver’s and then Round Rock Donuts before really getting out onto the road.  So we were a little behind everyone else but at least we had donuts.

It was close to seven when we finally got back to Dallas.  Good to be home.  I’ve really missed Liesl.  I hate being away for so long.

Pretty much nothing happened tonight.  We did as little as possible.  Everyone was exhausted and this was our chance to just crash.

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