October 24, 2010: Pani Puri Shots, Again

We were a bunch of worn out people trying to get up this morning.  This week really wore us all out.

Once we got everyone up we headed as a group out to IHOP for breakfast.  They are pretty close, pretty cheap and easy for a large group to gather at while still being able to see and hear each other.

We all did very little today.  It was our chance to relax. Jenn headed back to Houston in the mid-afternoon.

For dinner this evening, Souder, Dave and I went to Rockfish to meet up with the other Jenn to talk about some plans over dinner.

After Rockfish we swung into the Chaat Cafe to pick up Dominica’s dinner order.  Only Dominica had forgotten to put in the order so we ordered her dinner just minutes before the kitchen closed and hung out at the bar while we waited for the food to get cooked.  While we were there we took the opportunity to have Dave try the pani puri shots that they do there.

With so many people staying at the house it is hard to get to sleep early.  It was probably after midnight by the time that everyone actually got off to bed.

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