October 25, 2010: Happy 45th Dave

It is Monday and time to get back to the usual schedule, as best as I can.  Back to work at the office.  It was nice getting several days away. Almost like a mini-vacation even though I worked the entire time – and I mean the entire time.  I get less time off when I am away than when I am here.  I need to get into the office just so that I can get some downtime.

For lunch several of us went to La Cima and met up with a web designer.

Very little to report today.  Work.  Then, after work, we all went to The Ranch in Las Colinas to secretly celebrate Dave’s birthday.  He doesn’t know that we know that today is his birthday.  His girlfriend emailed Souder last night while we were at Rockfish to alert us that we need to take him out partying tonight.

So as soon as I was able to get out of the office I walked home and got Dominica and Liesl and we went over to The Ranch to hang out with everyone.  Most everyone was already there, Souder, Dave, Donnie, Watson, etc.  We were a little late to the party.

After not too long Kevin and Pam showed up to hang out with us.  Tonight is when we had been planning on getting together with them all along.

Everyone had a really good time.  Liesl had a ton of fun playing with the staff, looking at the animal heads on the bar and throwing coins into the waterfall there.  One of the waitresses even asked to get her picture taken with Liesl!  She is famous.

After The Ranch, pretty much everyone came back to the apartment and hung out for a while.

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