October 29, 2010: Heading to Halloween in Houston

I got up and did my normal Friday morning conference call from home and then got ready to go into the office.  Ended up taking forever, as it often does, to get out the door and into the office.  Nice and cool today.

At lunch, Souder and Dave came and picked me up at the office and took me to Rockfish for lunch.  Rockfish is much cheaper than you would imagine.  Really a great deal for lunch.

The afternoon was busy but wrapped up pretty quickly.  The late afternoon was pretty slow and I thought that I was going to be able to get out of the office at six allowing us to get onto the road at a really good time but there was a production issue that was escalated to me just as I was about to leave which trapped me at the office for an extra half of an hour.

It was around seven when Dominica, Liesl and I finally got onto the road bound for Houston.  Not too bad but an hour earlier would have been much better.

The drive went fine.  Because we were driving as early as we were, Dominica was awake most of the way.  Liesl only napped a little bit on the trip.

I got to listen to a little more of In the Wake of the Plague that I have been reading recently.  Good book.  I am learning a lot of fourteenth century Europe that I did not know before.

We arrived around eleven thirty – much earlier than normal.

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