October 30, 2010: Starting a New Blog

No time to sleep in for me today.  I had to be up at seven this morning so that I could watch my email as there was some work that needed to be done and I needed to know when I would be needed.  So I only got about six hours of sleep, which normally would be plenty, but this week I have been struggling to get anywhere near enough sleep.  I’m just falling farther and farther behind.

I got up and worked for a few hours this morning.  Everything went fine, just takes a lot of time.

For a very late breakfast, really lunch, the Miller and Grice clans went out to Kelley’s which took forever.  Apparently everyone in town had the same idea today. Traffic was crazy and the restaurant was packed.

Liesl is looking older today.  Her face changed some yesterday and she looks more mature.  I never thought before having a child of my own that I would be able to watch her grow day to day but you really can.

I was on the computer much of the day.  Lots of blogging and writing done today and I worked hard to clean up my out of control inbox as well.  I’m still quite backed up from before SpiceWorld so getting some “quiet” time to work on getting that down to a reasonable level has been good.

My big project today was getting things kicked off on my Linux Administration blog that I am writing with Jeff Pierce.  I got three short posts posted today which is a good start.  I’m hoping to pull off at least one tomorrow.  It is nice having a dedicated Linux blog – a place to consolidate all of the stuff that I do every day.  I really should have started that many years ago.

This evening Dominica and Francesca just went out and picked up dinner and everyone hung out at the Grices’ house.  Liesl has been having so much fun with her cousins that she didn’t nap today and just went and went like a little dynamo.  She has an amazing level of energy.  By around nine, though, she was out cold and sleeping solidly in our room by herself.

I was going to go to bed myself around ten but ended up with some servers down at the office so I got stuck up a bit later than I had wanted to be.  Once the servers were okay Oreo and I were off to bed ourselves sometime before eleven.  I am still fighting to catch up on sleep from last week.

Before falling asleep I read a few more chapters in Leo Tolstoy’s Anna Karenina which I had started reading yesterday.  I’m about six chapters in now.  Just a tiny start on a very long book.  It is the first book that I am reading via Kindle.  I’m using the Kindle app on my iPod Touch.  So far the book is very interesting.  I’m enjoying the insight not only into Russian high society but also the look at the contemporary European reaction to Bonaparte’s early conquest of the continent.

Oreo and I were asleep quite a while ahead of Dominica who stayed up with the girls watching Miley Cyrus’ new movie The Last Song.

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