October 3, 2010: Oblivion Day Two

It is an all out Oblivion weekend this weekend!  Whoo hoo.

I woke up at six fifty this morning – just five minutes before the alarm that I had forgotten to turn off was set to go off so I disabled it before it woke Dominica up.  Five minutes after that, Liesl woke up on her own.  So no going back to sleep for me.

Liesl and I hung out for a while.  I did the morning chores and eventually Liesl wanted to watch her shows which she likes to do early in the morning while eating breakfast while still pretty drowsy.  When she settled in with Dora or Diego in the living room I fired up Oblivion in her room (which is mostly our “den”.)  Today’s goal: complete the main quest.

Dominica got to sleep in again today.  She is enjoying having me home this weekend taking care of Liesl.  She has been rather under the weather this week and especially this weekend.

I managed to get a lot of time playing Oblivion today.  It was great.  For a while this morning, Dominica and Liesl came in and hung out in Liesl’s room with me while I played but there isn’t really a very comfortable way to do that in there.  There isn’t really all that much of a comfortable way just for me to play as there is just a traditional couch and no ottoman there.

Dominica suggested that we move the PS3 from Liesl’s room out to the living room so that I could play Oblivion there.  That was a bit of a pain but made it much more comfortable for everyone to hang out as a family.

Because I was focused on wrapping up the Mage’s Guild quest line and the main quest story there was a lot more plot and character development in my gameplay today so Dominica watched it a lot more like a movie than most of my Oblivion game play.

For dinner I ran to Rockfish in the middle of the afternoon and picked up some takeout.  I didn’t realize this but appetizers are half off during a football game (I didn’t realize that there was one of those either) so it is crazy cheap to eat there if you plan correctly.

This evening I managed to push through after wrapping up the Mage’s Guild this morning to finally, finally complete the main story arc.  I started playing Oblivion when we first bought the Playstation 3 when we moved to Peekskill before Liesl was born!  She turns two next month.  That is two years of playing Oblivion.  I am far from done but the main story, the one that kicks off the game, is finally done.

Total playing time to get to the end of the main story… one hundred and seventy five hours.  A very, very long time and I’m sure that there are at least twenty five hours of game play left.  Maybe many more.  I have only just started the thieve’s guild arc and have not begun the Dark Brotherhood arc yet and I haven’t even so much as set foot on the Shivering Isles.  I know that there are a few miscellaneous quests left scattered around for me to find and I did not even touch the daedra quests yet.  Lots and lots of stuff left for me to do.  My guess is that this game will scale to around two hundred and twenty five hours in total with me still missing little things here and there.  I certainly have come nowhere near having seen the entire game yet.  I’ve probably only covered 10-20% of the countryside and only half of the dungeons!

Liesl discovered that she could make a blanket fort with the fleece that I was covered up with on the couch.  My legs were on the ottoman and she would climb between the couch and the ottoman under this king-sized fleece.  She thought that that was great fun.

I managed to get a lot of Liesl time this weekend.  Tomorrow is going to be tough when I have to go back to work.  She hates Mondays just like I do.  She just gets used to having me around and then I am gone again.

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