October 2, 2010: Oblivion Day One

Had to get up at a quarter till seven as I have deployments for online trading in the Middle East plus a SAN migration going on this morning.  Nothing too crazy but it is all pretty early so no sleeping in for me.

Work went well and Liesl was awake around seven thirty so we got to hang out quite a bit this morning while Dominica and Oreo slept in.  We read books, watched Dora, played, ate breakfast and just hung out.  We got several hours of time together just us which was nice.

Once Liesl was bored with playing with daddy I put Oblivion in on the PS3 in Liesl’s room.  Fable III releases later this month and my goal is to have Oblivion done and out of the way so that Fable III can get my full and undivided attention.  I’ve been waiting for about two years for Fable III to release so this is a very big deal.  Dominica is excited as well as I am guessing Francesca is as she is playing through Fable II right now.

As of early this morning I was one hundred and fifty three hours into Oblivion and still heavily involved in discovering new areas and finding new quests.  I just can’t get over the scope of this game.

One of the things that I had wanted the iPod Touch for was the ability to look up video game help while playing games without having to go to another room, have a laptop sitting next to me or making Dominica do it for me.  This morning was the first test of that and as expected it worked great.  I was able to easily use the iPod for web surfing and looking things up on it was almost as easy as doing it on a regular computer.  Win.

After Dominica got up she wanted donuts so I drove out to the corner of Story and Northgate to Story Donuts and got us a dozen donuts for the weekend.  We’ve been wanting to do that for a week or two now and finally managed to pull it off.

I managed to get quite a lot of time in playing Oblivion today.  It was great.  This whole weekend is planned as “do nothing” time.  Dominica and Liesl have been napping extensively and I am getting enough time to actually “get into” Oblivion again and not just be pushing through trying to complete a single quest before having to turn it off again.

For dinner we just ordered in from Domino’s Pizza which we do about once every two weeks.

Overall it was a very relaxing day.  Pretty much nothing to report.

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