October 5, 2010: Time for Little Miller No. 2

As predicted, I got pretty much no sleep last night.  I got to sleep somewhere between twelve thirty and one and I was awake after three thirty.  I checked email, sent some messages and snuggled Oreo for a while but by around four thirty I was sick of my laying in bed waiting for morning to come.  To I got up and worked at the computer for a little bit before jumping in the shower and heading into the office.  I got in, again, between six thirty and seven in the morning.  A nice, dark, brisk walk from home to office.

I went down to the cafeteria and got a breakfast taco and coffee to get me through the morning.  I was pretty hungry today for some reason.  Jeff brought in donuts too from Story Donuts so I made out really well today.

For lunch today I went home at one to get the family ready to drive over to Dominica’s one thirty ultrasound appointment (hint, hint).  We got over there just in time, always a challenge with me working and having a toddler and an old Boston Terrier.  The ultrasound went really well.  We are ten and a half weeks pregnant!  The little one is doing well.  Heart rate was 150 and we could clearly see him or her on the ultrasound being able to make out the head and body without any issue.  Due date is at the end of April.  Hence the desire to find a house sooner than later.

After the ultrasound I got dropped off at work without having had a chance to get lunch.  Good thing that I got breakfast and that there were donuts today.  I had more donuts to make up for missing lunch.

Watson and I had a rough day dealing with the same issues that I mentioned from last night.  So we went over to Chaat Cafe for dinner and drinks before heading home for the evening.  That gave us a chance to actually talk about what was going on – and to have a few drinks which we needed after today.  I ended up running into several guys from the office at the Chaat Cafe.  People who worked for other divisions but it is hard to hide when you are from my office – the lingo gives you away.

After Chaat Cafe Brian dropped me off at the apartment and I delivered Dominica her dinner, took care of Liesl, walked Oreo, etc.  Dominica ate dinner and we watched some of 30 Rock.  Since I have never really watched the show except for a few episodes here and there and since Dominica has not seen it in a long time we decided to go to the beginning and start watching it from there.  So I got to see the first few episodes tonight.

Tried to just relax tonight as much as there was time to do.  Liesl went to bed fairly early and we were not very far behind her.  I’m a bit tired from losing sleep the last several nights.

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