October 6, 2010: Getting Over the Hump

It’s been a long week.  I am very thankful that this is considered a holiday weekend coming up.  I do not have the energy to deal with this week and a break will be quite wonderful.

I ended up working from home for a little while this morning.  Just too much to do and I slept in rather late today.  I’ve been losing sleep for the last several days and today turned out to be my day to make it up.  I had gone to bed at a good time last night too!  I guess that I really needed it.  I certainly felt better when I got up this morning.

Busy but uneventful day.  Late this afternoon a friend of mine from Austin stopped by the office and after work we stopped by Rockfish for some drinks and to grab dinner.  He is in town until Friday morning.  We had appetizers while waiting for our dinners to be prepared and then went over to the Chaat Cafe to pick up some fresh naan for Dominica.  Then I got dropped off at home and he headed over to his hotel.

At Rockfish this evening our bartender had a sample of New Amsterdam Gin that he let us try.  He had been saving it for some serious gin drinkers, and we more than qualified!  Gin is my most common drink.  All three of us thought that it was the best gin we had ever tried. Far superior to anything that I have had before.  We told the guy who handled the liquor orders for Rockfish to get some for us as we would definitely be ordering it in the future.

Spent the evening with Dominica and Liesl watching 30 Rock.

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