October 8, 2010: Blue Fish

Like I often do on Fridays, I worked from home for a little bit this morning.  Then it was off of to the office.

Today was crazy busy.  I did manage to come home and hang out with Liesl over a very, very late lunch that I had to shorten considerably as it was so late that it was running into the evening deployment schedule.  So it was a rush back to the office and a very busy afternoon for me.  It was so busy, in fact, that I had to turn off my Microsoft Communicator at the office and tell people that I was turning down any work that wasn’t production support.  Exhausting.

After work, Watson came over from Dallas and picked me up then Jeff and Dan came along shortly later and we all went over to Blue Fish for happy hour.  This was my first time going to Blue Fish.  The place feels like a Manhattan (well, Queens or Brooklyn) bar but the drink selection was definitely Texan.  The food was really amazing though.  I ate a number of the happy hour samplers and that made a great dinner.  The salmon tar-tare was especially awesome.  I’ll be going back there again for sure.

I got dinner to go for Dominica and Watson dropped me home.  The evening was spent mostly just relaxing.  I did need to work a little bit this evening but mostly it was time for Dominica, Liesl and I to hang out and watch 30 Rock.

We’ve been doing some house buying research and have been finding some stuff that we are really interested in up in Carrollton and in Lewisville.  We are encouraged that the houses up there are looking even better than the stuff in Irving.  There are more houses in our price range.  And it is only about five minutes farther from the office and La Cima than we would be in Irving.  Farther than we want to be but not so far for it to be a problem.

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