October 9, 2010: Day of Nothing

It is the beginning of the holiday weekend!  Whoo hoo.  This weekend is all about relaxing.

Today I spent much of the day playing Oblivion.  I am really making some significant progress now.  I am working hard on the Thieves’ Guild and on the Dark Brotherhood storylines.  I want to get those two wrapped up at a minimum before Fable III releases.  At the rate that I am going, however, it will be so long before I am ready to play Fable III that I might need to just hold off on getting it until I have some additional time in which to play it.  That will make me sad but I did get Fable II and play it with little baby Liesl sleeping beside me so maybe playing Fable III with the yet to be names Miller baby in a few months will work out well and be a sort of family tradition.  That would, in theory, give me time to complete both Oblivion and Fable I which I am only about halfway through at this time.  We haven’t even hooked up the XBOX 360 since moving to Texas.

Very little to report today.  We literally did effectively nothing.  I did a few hours of work, nothing significant.  Mostly just Oblivion, 30 Rock and playing with Liesl.

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