November 1, 2010: Fifi

I can’t believe that 2010 is almost over.  That seems just crazy.  Our first year in Texas has been flying by like nobody’s business.

I got up early this morning and got on email and got to work straight away.  Always too much to do and no time for sleep.

This morning, Brian Souder and I got to go out to Addison Airport near where we are in the Metroplex to see Fifi, the last flying Boeing B-29 Superfortress bomber still in flying condition.  It was very cool to get to see it come down the landing strip and be right there on the tarpac with it.  We were running a little late (not our fault, the plane came in early and our ride wasn’t ready to get to the gate until the plane was making its descent) but we got to see the plane still in motion and pull up along side of it while the propellers were still spinning.

I managed to take quite a few pictures of Fifi while it sat at Addison Airport.  The plane is available, currently, for rides ranging from $595 to $995.  If it was cheap I would totally do that but I can’t afford to be spending a thousand dollars for a less than an hour ride in a World War II bomber.  Boy that would be cool though.

After checking out the plane, Brian and I grabbed an early lunch at Rockfish and then Brian dropped me at the office and went back to walk Oreo and pick up take out Indian from Chaat Cafe for Dominica for her lunch.

I had a lot of work to catch up on at the office even though I had been diligently on email all morning.  Just too much to do.  Lots of server issues, it seems, continuing from this weekend.

We had a fairly relaxing evening at home tonight.  Dominica made dinner and we just stayed in.

When I got home, Dominica told Liesl to tell me what movie she had seen today.  Liesl said “Run Zebra!” which turned out to be the moving Racing Stripes which is about a zebra that thinks that it is a race horse.  This is, apparently, Liesl’s new favourite movie and she made us watch it again tonight.  Fortunately for me, I have never seen the movie before so it was not to bad to sit through.  I will likely see it a lot more, though, as we are moving into the age when the same movie is watched over and over again.

Liesl is so cute when watching the movie.  When the horses (and zebra) race she runs around the house like a maniac pretending to be a horse in the race.

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