November 2, 2010: Food Poisoning

I woke up around two thirty this morning and didn’t feel so hot.  It wasn’t that bad, just enough to get me out of bed and send me out to the kitchen for a glass of water.  Most likely it was heartburn that was causing the discomfort that woke me up.  Within a few minutes, though, I was not feeling well at all and it was off to the bathroom for me.

I was up until around six in the morning!  It was pretty awful.  I was really, really sick.  Luckily there was just enough battery left on my office Blackberry so I was able to get caught up while being incapacitated and was able to let my managers know that I was going to be out sick today.  No chance of me making it in today and I can’t imagine that I would be able to even work from home much.  Really not feeling well.

I managed to get back to sleep around six and slept until around ten in the morning.  That helped but I was still very ill when I got up.  I needed the sleep, though, or I would really have been bad all day with exhaustion on top of everything else.

I’m pretty sure that I have food poisoning.  Not sure what else it could be.  I got sick about fifteen hours after eating seafood which is a pretty likely source of food poisoning.  I had two things of shrimp and clam chowder at lunch yesterday all of which is a high likelihood of carrying toxins – no way to cook that out.  Nothing serious, just really inconvenient.

Liesl insisted on watching Racing Stripes several times today.  I’m already getting pretty tired of that movie.  She really loves it though and it is good that she wants to watch something other that Dora, Diego or Wonder Pets.

Later on in the day, snuggled up on the coach with Oreo at my side, wearing my sweat shirt and sweat pants and covered in blankets, I got to play Oblivion for a while – one of the fringe benefits of being home sick.  Oreo thought that the whole day was great – we snuggled the entire day.  Dominica couldn’t believe how cold I was with the apartment being near seventy five degrees and me being so bundled up and snuggled with the dog and still being very cold.

I managed to finally complete the Thieves Guild quest line in Oblivion which basically puts me at the end of the main game.  Technically I do have a few loose ends left – I never did the little daedra quests but I’ve been told that they are pointless and not worth the effort.  No real story to be had with them, just some work collecting tidbits from around the game and then you get some silly reward that you don’t even want.  I might do them at some point but for now I am just skipping them.  Beyond that, the only quest that I know that I have left is the wrap up the “Fingers of the Mountain” quest which I will come back to.

Now, what Dominica has been waiting for, I am leaving the main Oblivion game and venturing into the expansion content of the Shivering Isles which was, in many instances, sold as a separate game from Oblivion itself.  From what I have seen online, the Shivering Isles should provide around thirty additional hours of gameplay which, when added to the miscellaneous wrapups that I need to complete yet, should put the complete Oblivion game pretty close to two hundred and fifty hours by the time that I am done with all of it.  At least done enough to put it down and move on to something else.

I only played maybe twenty minutes in the Shivering Isles before putting it down for the day.  This evening we watched James Stewart in Mr. Hobbs Takes a Vacation from 1962 which wasn’t bad but I would not call it a classic either.

Liesl has a new routine now when going to bed.  She likes to count her bears.  She started doing this the other night and we were so excited when she counted to six.  Tonight I asked her “Liesl, how many bears do you need?” and she said counted from one to eight several times and once went to nine!

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