November 12, 2010:Liesl and Paw Paw

I got up and did my morning conference call before heading over to the hotel to pick up dad and bring him back to the apartment.  I dropped him off and then went into the office.

For lunch today we took dad to La Cima.  He was quite impressed, I think.  He really liked the view of the DFW.  This was his first time really getting a chance to see the area as he flew in in the dark last night.  The weather was perfect for La Cima as well as we got to watch a storm roll in and the rain hit which is very cool midday up in the Williams Tower.

Watson made it to La Cima for his first lunch there ever – which is amazing as he has been a member there for over a year.  After lunch he and I had to go to a meeting which kept us pretty busy.

After the meeting it was back to work.  Then home once the evening deployments were done to hang out with the family.  It was pretty early this evening when I was able to wrap up.  Almost a holiday weekend kind of feeling.  Good timing as dad is here to visit.

This evening we stayed in and ordered Thai from Blu Ginger for dinner.  Watson came over to go over the meeting as well.  He and I walked over to Blu Ginger to pick up dinner.

Mostly it was a relaxing evening.  Watson and I worked quite a bit but it was nothing stressful and mostly it was just going over stuff, not like “real” work.

Liesl has been playing with her paw-paw all day and is so happy to have him here.  She is a family girl!  This is their first day together since July when we were in New York.

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