November 13, 2010: Liesl and Pa Pa

Luckily this weekend is almost completely free from office worries, which is an amazing change, so I am able to spend time hanging out with dad while he is here in the DFW.  We slept in a little this morning then I drove over to dad’s hotel to pick him up and bring him back over to the apartment.

For lunch we went out to Waffle House again – dad’s choice.  Apparently Waffle House met with his liking.  I knew that he would love southern breakfast cooking.

This afternoon we just hung out and visited at the apartment.  Lots of grandpa (pa-pa) and Liesl time.  They have been having a great time getting to hang out with each other.  Liesl is loving having her pa-pa here.  She makes him go into her room and sit on the couch for hours.  She loves saying “sit!” and pointing to where she wants you to sit.  Then she brings toys or whatever to you.

For dinner this evening we took dad back to La Cima.  Dominica and I had our monthly meals to use so we thought that we should use them tonight as we have no idea when we will use them otherwise.  It was a very nice dinner and a beautiful night to be up in the tower.

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