November 16, 2010: Mi-Forms

The wake up call came in a six forty fix, eastern standard.  I was pretty sleepy and it took me a minute to remember where I was which is not at all normal for me.  I do not sleep that way generally and almost always awaken completely alert and aware of where I am and what time it is and what is going on in general.  Maybe it was waking to a phone call from a pretty deep sleep.

I had given myself plenty of time to get moving this morning and get down to breakfast.  I was down to meet with everyone at seven forty five.  We had about forty five minutes to eat our breakfast.  I decided to go healthy today and just do a plate full of fruit and a little yogurt along with my usual coffee.

We car pooled over to the Mi-Co offices for training, which is a good thing since I don’t have a car of my own up here. We got in around nine and got a start on the day.

I am all set up in the training room to be online all day.  I have a super busy day at the office so I am going to be going nuts trying to keep up and pay attention in class whenever possible.  Fortunately there is very little, if anything, that is actually meant for me in the class today.  I am just here for general informational stuff.

The day actually went pretty smoothly.  Insanely busy, but smoothly.  It was actually pretty decently easy to get a lot of work done today as lunch was catered (Pizza Hut) at the training session so I didn’t even have to deal with going anywhere for food which was very efficient.  Being on eastern time is nice for matching up with the office too.  Normally we live on central but work on eastern.

After training was over we headed back to the DoubleTree and hung out in the lounge for a few hours.  I had my laptop the whole time so I was able to work all evening.  It was an extremely productive evening.  Having so many people in one place worked out really well.  Lots of time to get discussions in and to get to know people.

I got back to the hotel room pretty early.  Sometime between seven and eight.  It seemed like a late night out but really was not at all.  I must be just really tired from the flight and time shift.  That always throws me off a bit.  It doesn’t make me exhausted, just disorients me a tad.

I worked from the hotel all evening.  The DoubleTree, at least this one, is an excellent place for hotel work.  The setup of the suite is excellent and very comfortable.  Having a full office area, lounge area and sleeping quarters is very nice.

I ended up working around around one in the morning, which is only midnight back home.  Just hard to get myself to go to sleep much earlier than that, especially when there is so much needing to be done.

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