November 15, 2010: RDU

Went to work this morning.  Nothing much to report there.  My days are not highly interesting to outsiders.  Work is mostly just work.

After work, the family picked me up, right at five on the dot, and we drove to DFW so that I could catch my flight.  There are new TSA screening practices that have started in the last few days and we don’t know if it will take extra time to get through security or not and DFW is always a massive hassle for getting to the right terminal even if it tends to work pretty smoothly once you arrive.

Getting to the terminal was so stressful and difficult that Dominica and I switched drivers in the airport so that I could drive to the final terminal.  Even though DFW finally put up some sort of signage, the existing signs are still wrong, missing critical information or confusing plus the way that the loops work and the lanes change is very frustrating.

Once I got into the airport and checked in for my flight I was through security in no time.  In was only about ten minutes from curb to gate.  I got in and had almost two hours to kill.  So I found a restaurant where I could camp out and kill some time.  Pappadeaux at the DFW airport is a full restaurant down in the basement in what used to be the train station (no idea why the train no longer goes there – that would be incredibly handy!)

I had a crawfish po’boy, it was very good (and big.)  It was nice having a real place to kill some time.  Airports can be pretty boring.

My flight out was delayed by about half an hour due to mechanical problems.  That’s never what you want to hear.  The pilot overslept sounds so much better.

It was after eight when finally got to board our American Airlines Boeing 737 Super 80 (they dropped the 737 and just went to Super 80 at some point to make it sounds newer than it is.)  The flight went pretty smoothly.  Just over two hours.

It was just after eleven when we landed at RFU, Raleigh-Durham, in North Carolina.  This is my first time to RFU since we did an emergency landing here en route from Orlando to Rochester, also on American Airlines, when we thought that dad had had a heart attack nearly twenty years ago.

I didn’t check any baggage, I just have my CPAP and laptop backpack, so I was out of the airport in minutes.  Curtis picked me up and drove me over to the hotel.  I’m staying at the Double Tree, which I have never stayed in before.  They give you a warm chocolate chip cookie when you check in which is awesome.  I’d use them a lot more often if I had known about the cookies!

I have an awesome suite.  A full two rooms with a livingroom and office area that is huge plus a full bedroom with doors separating them.

It was straight off to bed for me after checking my mail and stuff.  Need to be up pretty early tomorrow morning, at six forty five, so I need some sleep.  I am shifting over from central time so that is five forty five to my internal clock which is a bit earlier than I wake up on my own.

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