November 18, 2010: Dad Returns to NY

Dad came over this morning and visited for a while before he had to go to the airport to return to New York.  I had to work so I had gotten up and was logged in and working, having just gotten out of the shower and gotten dressed, when he arrived at the apartment.

For breakfast dad and I walked over to La Madeleine’s and picked up food for everyone and brought it back to the apartment to eat it there.  We ate and I worked from the bedroom.  I can’t wait until we have the house and I can start to set up a real office.  Working from the bedroom doesn’t work at all.  I have no space and no way to really be productive and no way to set up everything, like me internal disk drives.  There just isn’t enough space.

I’ve been testing BackBlaze online backup software and so far it is going pretty decently well.  We have the world’s slowest Internet access (AT&T DSL) and it is going to take weeks to actually do the backup but we have so much important stuff that we store on the desktops like photos, home videos, Amazon MP3s, etc. that it would be a huge problem if we were to lose them.  So doing a major backup before we move house is an important project.  I really like that BackBlaze does an unlimited backup, though.  That is a big deal.  So I can just let it run forever and get everything.  It is pretty cheap too.

Dad needed to be at the airport around ten forty so we left the house at ten thirty and they all dropped me at the office on the way to the airport.  Time to get actual work done.

It was a pretty short morning before coming home for lunch.  I had stuff that needed to be done over lunch today so I couldn’t blow it off but I didn’t want to not go into the office this morning either after having been “out” for the last two days.  This week has enough disruption as it is, I didn’t want to create anything additional.

Back to work this afternoon.  Nothing too exciting to report there.

We noticed today that Five Guys Burgers and Fries located directly in front of our apartment had opened.  We need a change of pace so we decided to try it out.

Dominica has never been to a Five Guys before but I had and I was not impressed the last time that I was there.  They don’t have a veggie burger and so the only real vegetarian item on the menu is grilled cheese or a “burger without the burger”.  The grilled cheese was nothing special and I don’t like their fries.  At least they aren’t expensive.  Tonight we tried the “no burger” option which was actually quite delicious.  They have enough toppings that it turns into a pretty decent sandwich and they do have special pricing on that so they are not gouging the vegetarians when they don’t get half of the sandwich.  So I’ve figured out that skipping the fries and getting two of these sandwiches is cheaper and healthier and while not something that I would want to do everyday it is a pretty good option.

Liesl is definitely sad that her paw-paw is gone.  She loved having him here.  They have so much fun together.  She really likes having family around and constant interaction (I wonder where she gets that from?)

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