November 19, 2010: More Five Guys

This has been one crazy busy month for us.  We went directly from Brian being down to dad visiting to learning for Houston today.  The Grice family is staying with us next week as well and just one day after they head back to Houston we will be closing on the new house and within a day or two of that Brian and Tara will be back for three months!

I did my usual work from home this morning for my Friday conference call.  Dominica and Liesl were exhausted and sletp through me working all morning.  Normally at least Liesl would wake up by now.  Liesl is loving having her room back to herself.  She really appreciates having her own space.

Work was mostly uneventful.  For lunch Pierce and I went over to Five Guys.  That place is going to be hopping for a while as they are the only burger place and the only fast food place within easy reach of a lot of businesses in this area.  I got the double sandwich meal that I had figured out last night and that was pretty good.  I got take out for Dominica and Liesl and dropped that off for them.

It was a long afternoon and quite busy.  It was around seven or eight when we managed to hit the road to head on down to Houston.  The trip was uneventful.  We hit some traffic in Dallas but overall the drive wasn’t bad.

As we left the apartment we stopped to get gas at the new RaceTrac that just opened, maybe today, across the street.  This is, apparently, the week of new stuff opening at the place that we are leaving.  That is rather annoying.  It would have been awfully nice to have had these things all this time while we were living here.  This is pretty much what happened to us in Newark as well – everything opened just before or after we left but not for the two years that we actually lived there.  Speaking of Newark, I really miss eating at Food for Life!  Someone needs to deliver me some of their food.

The new RaceTrac gas station is really nice and has a great selection of hot food items.  We got enough food there to get us through for dinner and got onto the road.

We arrived in Houston just a little after midnight.  Not too bad and in line with Liesl’s normal schedule.  She was awake for most of the drive and it took a little while for her to calm down enough to get off to bed.

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