November 22, 2010: Happy Potter 7 Part 1

It is Monday and thus begins my short-ish work week.  Today is more or less normal.  Tomorrow is a work from home day as part of an organization disaster planning test.  Then back into the office on Wednesday for what is bound to be a short day – or at least not a long one.  Then Thursday off from work for Thanksgiving and working from home on Black Friday.

I’m going to keep today’s post very short.  The day was quite busy between work and coming home to hang out with the family.  We didn’t do anything special today, everyone just hung out at the apartment which is way, way too small for all of these people.  If only we had been able to have moved into the new house this week rather than next.  Boy do we need the extra rooms.

After work, Francesca, Emily and I went to Las Nenas to pick up Mexican for dinner.  While we were waiting for them to make our food we walked over to Tom Thumb and did some quick grocery shopping as there is very little food at the house at the moment.

On the way home we hit CVS for some medicine as nearly all of the Grices are feeling sick and we hit Sonic to get a drink for Dominice because she was not feeling like eating Mexican tonight.

We got home and ate dinner and discussed plans for the week.  Nearly everyone except for Emily wants to go see the latest Harry Potter movie that released last week and we were trying to figure out how to do that so that everyone could go.  I would be happy not going but would like to see it too so could go either way.  We finally figured out that if Madeline and I went to see it tonight that that would mean that Dominica and Francesca could go see it together later in the week while Madeline, Emily and I babysat the little ones.

So Madeline and I ran out the door to get to the movie theatre to attempt to make the nine thirty showing at the MacArthur 16 theatre just down the street.  We got there in just enough time to squeeze in but there was a ten o’clock showing as well that was empty so we opted to just wait the extra thirty minutes and be a bit more relaxed.  Got got popcorn and an Icee and made our way into the theatre.  There were just three people there before us and just two who arrived after us.  Seven total people watching the movie.  You can’t tell me that home theatres aren’t making a dent on the movie theatre market!  This is my first time in a theatre since 2005, I believe.

The movie was awesome.  By far the best of the Harry Potter movies thus far.  This is the first one that is one book split into two movies so the pacing was way, way better.  The books have so much character development that are, almost entirely, skipped in the movies leaving them very flat and emotionless whereas the books really draw you in to what the characters are feeling.  This movie brings a little of that to the cinema audience for the first time and the movie is so much better for it.  All of the previous movies would have benefited greatly from being allowed to have been twice as long.

It was almost one in the morning when we returned to the apartment.  A very late night for us!

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