November 23, 2010: Home with the Family

Today I am working from home as part of a continuity of business test.  So I “have” to work from home which is pretty awesome.  Perfect timing as it is a holiday week so it is already broken up pretty significantly and with the whole family here it gives me time to actually see everyone rather than having to head out to the office all day.

I worked from home in the morning and hit La Cima for lunch with Watson at noon.  We did lunch and then had a meeting before I returned to the apartment and worked all afternoon from there.  It was nice to be home basically all day as I got to take advantage of the fact that the family was all here and actually got a chance to do some visiting with everyone in between work items.

After I got back, Dominica and Francesca went out to see Harry Potter 7 Part 1 themselves since Emily, Madeline and I were here to watch the toddlers and Clara.  That gave them a chance to escape and have some kid-free time to themselves during the afternoon.  I’m sure that they really appreciated that.

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