November 24, 2010: Almost the Holiday

Today is my only other day in the office other than Monday.  Thanksgiving week is one of the best of the year since the holiday falls on Thursday and basically no one goes into the office on Friday making going in pointless.  So only two office days for me this week.

I didn’t manage to get out of the office until quite late for lunch today.  When I did, Francesca, Emily and I went over to Five Guys Burgers and Fries to grab lunch for the family.  With today’s ForuSquare check in, I am now one day away from becoming mayor of Five Guys!  How funny that a vegetarian is about to become mayor of a famous burger place?

Nothing much to report from today.  Tomorrow is Thanksgiving and we are planning on hitting the Fort Worth Zoo for a holiday change of pace.

For dinner, Emily and I walked over to the RaceTrac that is basically across the street and picked up food and brought it back to the apartment.  It is such an easy walk and they really have some pretty decent food over there.  It is surprising how good it is.  It is really a shame that they finally opened the RaceTrac there just two weeks before we are moving out of the apartment!

We move into the new house in six days.

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