November 6, 2010: Liesl the iPad Wiz

Ah, the weekend is here.  I got to sleep in some this morning.  Eventually Brian and I got our butts into gear and we went out to Panera to pick up breakfast.  We ended up eating there ourselves and bringing food back for Dominica and Liesl.  Of course, being the weekend, it was around noon by the time that we actually got back from Panera as we were very slow in getting moving this morning.

I got to play a little Oblivion today.  Not very much but a little.  Maybe an hour.  I suppose maybe two, it is hard to gauge time while you are playing.  I am in the Shivering Isles now and attempting to explore this massive expansion.

Today was mostly a relaxing, stay at home day.  Got a lot of Liesl time in today.  She is getting so good with the Apple iPad, it is amazing.  Now she is able to power on the system herself, unlock it, scroll through the menus, find the Monkey Lunchbox game that she loves, select it, choose “Play” and start her game all by herself!  She also knows how to get out of the game when she is done.  Unbelievable how quickly she figured all of that out.  The iPad is absolutely the best toddler learning tool every because it is so interactive and the direct, tactile interface is something that she can do with basically no training.  It is so much less abstract than a mouse or keyboard.

In her Monkey Lunchbox game, Liesl has learned to count up to eight very well, play the matching game “concentration” with amazing accuracy (it is randomized, she doesn’t not memorize it as people have been guessing), she can pick out the “largest” and “smallest” fruits and she can drag puzzle pieces onto an outline and reassemble a puzzle.  We cannot believe how rapidly she has learned all of the skills used in this game and can now zip through it like a pro.  If you have a toddler, the iPad is one of the best investments ever.

I did have to work today.  Nothing too crazy, just some minor stuff.  I knocked that out this afternoon.

This evening, I got Brian to watch the first few episodes of the new Doctor Who which he ended up liking, even though they are the weak “setup” episodes and the real storyline hasn’t kicked in yet.  After that we watched the first episode of Stargate SG-1 which I have surprisingly never seen.  I’ve seen the original movie, of course, and that was classic with Kurt Russell and James Spader but I’ve never seen the series or any of the spinoffs – not a single episode.  Lots of people rave about what a good series is so I was willing to check it out.  The first episode was really weak.  We will see if it manages to get better.

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