November 5, 2010: Late Morning

I ended up working from home this morning.  Just one of those mornings where you get caught going from one call to a project to an emergency and after a few hours realize that you have just worked most of the morning from your bedroom and never managed to get out the door to the office and now it is so late that you might as well just get lunch half an hour early and get on with the day.  But I did manage to get to see Liesl all morning so that was awesome.  We are getting more than normal time together this week.

Brian and I grabbed lunch and then I got into the office for the afternoon a little on the early side.  The afternoon at work was quite busy and I did not manage to get home until quite late.  More like the old days in New Jersey when Friday nights were always very, very late.  It was around eight when I finally walked back home in the dark.  Several people on my team have to be working again at two in the morning.  I’m glad that I just had to work late tonight and do not have to start again in the middle of the night.

Brian was out at the Ranch this evening so Dominica, Liesl and I had the apartment to ourselves for the evening.

Six days until dad comes to visit us in Texas.

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