December 10, 2010: Last Day Before the Freeze

In the office this morning.  I got in a little late but it is going to be a long day as today is the last day of the normal year with the SEC industry freeze going into affect Sunday at midnight so lots of work being rushed to be completed this evening.

The morning was fine.  I went to Mi Cocina for lunch.  Had a good meeting, very productive.

After lunch it was back to the office for a long afternoon of deployments.  A very long afternoon.  But that is par for the course and as expected.  Not stressful at all, just busy.  And busy with the hopes of the month long freeze!  Yay!

After work, Dominica ordered food in from the Coconut Thai Grill.  I swung over to the old apartment and picked up Jen.  She and I ran to CVS to pick up some pharmaceuticals then we drove up to Carrollton and had dinner there.  Jen didn’t stay for too long.  Pretty much just for dinner.

Dominica and I got about an hour or two of cleaning done before the Grice clan arrived en masse from Houston.  They are spending the weekend for Liesl’s second birthday party which we are having tomorrow.

Bennie got the hot water tank working correctly tonight.  Turns out that you have to cut the power to it, remove two panels and adjust the water temperature with a screwdriver.  What a pain.  Nothing like the ones that I am used to.  It would never have occurred to me to cut the power and take panels off of the thing.  That seems a bit crazy.

While working on the hot water heater we discovered that the previous owners, or possibly the ones before them, had tapped into the hot water heater’s power to use to power the half-assed garage conversion that they had done.  So that is a major issue that needs to be resolved.  That is our next big item – getting the power fixed in the house.  Everything is out of whack and we need very major electrical repair to keep the house in order.  It is, I fear, in a dangerous state right now.

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