December 9, 2010: The Big Ultrasound

Today is the major ultrasound day for the new baby.  So Dominica and Liesl will be coming down to Irving early this afternoon for that and I will be meeting them there.

I got up very early this morning for an early rates release call and, it turned out, that since they made us start taking our SafeWords to work again as of yesterday that, of course being out of habit, I left mine there and didn’t have it so that I could log in remotely this morning.  Argh.

I worked from the office this morning and then, during lunch, met Dominica and Liesl at the doctor’s office.  The ultrasound went well.  The baby is doing well and looks good.  We got to see his or her little face for the first time and managed to avoid finding out what sex he or she will be.  We didn’t find out with Liesl and we are attempting to not find out this time.  So far so good.

The ultrasound went quickly but then Dominica had a normal appointment immediately following it as well.  So to keep Liesl happy I took her out to the lobby and let her play with the foam blocks and the other little girl who was waiting there with her mommy.  Liesl had a lot of fun playing and we probably got thirty or forty minutes out there.

I just grabbed a sandwich on my way back to work and ate at the office.  Dominica and Liesl went and did some grocery shopping before heading for the house.

I worked until almost six then ran over to the apartment to pick up the air mattress that is needed at the house for the weekend and then jumped into rush hour on the George Bush so that I could sit in stopped traffic for almost an hour.  Ugh. I need to remember to take my iPod with me when commuting because I could get through a book from Audible in no time.  Otherwise I am bored out of my mind listening to the radio.

Tonight is our very first time cooking food in our new house!  Veggie sausage and peppers.  Dominica made that and we ate while we watching a little of Harry Potter: The Half Blood Prince on BD in our bedroom.  Once we were done eating we got right to work on getting the house ready.  Our first house guests, the Grices, arrive tomorrow night and there is so much to be done before then.

Our main focus, since Dominica worked on the kitchen much of the afternoon, was on our bedroom which is, by far, the biggest disaster in the house.  There is just tons and tons to do there.

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