December 18, 2010: House Data Survey

Today is one of the very first days that I have actually had to “be” in the new house.  So far almost every day was either something crazy going on, people staying at the house with us or me at work all day.  This weekend is my first, and last, chance to really just “be in the house” this year.  We leave for New York on Wednesday afternoon so this is truly my last shot to spend time in it this year.

Today is also our first time getting to actually see our new Acadia in daylight.  Pretty nice having a shiny new car sitting out front of our shiny new house.

Souder came over today and we did some investigating into the electrical system to see what needs to be done.  There is a lot that needs to be accomplished in order to get just some basic data cabling into the temporary office and future nursery.  Until that is done, though, it is nearly impossible for me to do any work at all in this house.  And until we wire our bedroom we can’t even stream movies there from our own, in-house storage system as the wireless is too weak by the time that it reaches that far.

We did very little today.  It was mostly a day to relax.

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