December 19, 2010: Up in the Attic

Brian came over today and the big project is to see if we can get at least one run of Ethernet run from the garage over to my temporary office on the far side of the house.  That meant that much of the day was spent up in the attic.

What a disaster the attic is.  There are tons of holes going to the outside, many large enough for small animals to be using them, tons of garbage like lightbulbs strewn about in the destroyed insulation, bad wires and old cabling just everywhere and no clear way to get around up there safely.

It was a bit of a project but luckily Brian knows data cabling and we got a run of CAT5 run over to the office which is a pain as there is no straight roofline from the garage to the office in the second bedroom.  Finally we can set up the desk and desktop in there.  What a difference that is going to make.  I’ve been living off of a laptop at the bar in the living room for weeks now and it is killing me.  My feet hurt, my back hurts and getting work done is impossible.

Now I have my phone and desktop… life will be much better.

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