December 3, 2010: Pestilence and Appliances

This morning all three of us, Dominica, Liesl and myself, are even sicker than we have been all week.  So it is off to the doctor for us.  We decided to try out the Minute Clinic at CVS.  We know that we all have bronchitis but just need to get it verified.

We went pretty much as soon as CVS opened.  We were right.  All three of us are sick.  I have bronchitis, sinusitis and an ear infection.  Liesl has an ear infection too which explains why she has been having such a horrible time sleeping recently.  So antibiotics for all three of us.  We are one hurting family.

From the doctor I zipped down to Las Colinas to go to the office and work for the rest of the day from the old apartment.  I am way too sick to be going into the office and am definitely quite contagious at this point.

I called the movers, Dr. Move, once I got to the apartment to see what they could do for us today.  They managed to get someone in a smaller truck, for less money, out to us pretty quickly.  Dominica came down from Carrollton to work with the movers and get that all taken care of.

The move went very quickly.  Less than two hours.  They brought two people and a sixteen foot trailer and just loaded up the rest of the storage unit, drove it to Carrollton and pretty much just dropped it all into the garage.  Not ideal but it is all moved and done.  Dominica even went to the storage company and closed out the unit and managed to get our money back for the month of December which goes a bit of the way towards covering the cost of the movers too.  What a great feeling to have the storage unit closed out.

We had been using Public Storage and we are thrilled with how great they were to work with.  We will be using them again in the future when we have storage needs.

After going to the doctor, Dominica went to Lowes and found the washer and refrigerator that she wanted.  She had looked at Home Depot but they could not deliver the washer to us until December 20th which was not an option at all.  Lowes said that they could deliver on Sunday which would have to do for us.

So this afternoon, Brian and I ran up to Lowes to take care of buying the washer and refrigerator.  We grabbed some LED light bulbs that have just come onto the market to test them out.  I’ve been wanting to get those for a long time.  So much better for the environment and so much nicer to actually use too.  But boy are they expensive.

After shopping it was back to the apartment to work for a very long evening of deployments.  I am very glad that it is Friday.  I’m quite worn out and want to be able to spend a day in my new house instead of going back to the apartment.  We’ve owned it for three and a half days now and all I have gotten to do is to sleep in it for one night.

After work finally wrapped up I worked on loading up the Mazda with as much as I could get into it.  It is amazing how much is still left at the house even after the movers had gone.  So many stupid little items around the house.  It is actually going to take quite some time to get all of this.

It was really late, probably close to nine o’clock, when I finally got home and unloaded the Mazda.  I can get about five, large, plastic bins plus some smaller items tucked behind the seats with each trip without obscuring my vision.  It is quite a bit and nearly as much as the BMW can hold.

We were quite exhausted tonight.  Just spent the entire evening putting stuff away.

We noticed a smell now and then coming from the bedrooms.  We kept getting tiny whiffs of it throughout the evening as we worked around the house.  Almost always coming from the doorway or our bedroom.

It took all evening before we managed to figure out that the smell was coming from the carpets and the water than had been sitting in them.  Of course they are still wet from yesterday.  Not just wet but soapy as well.  There was so much water in them that there is no way for them to be dry yet.

So now we definitely have mildew going on.  Just great.  This is turning out to be a bit of a problem.

We ordered in dinner from Coconut Thai tonight.  We are extremely excited to discover that there is a Thai restaurant that delivers to us.  The food available to us at the new house is turning out to be pretty awesome, thus far.

The food from Coconut Thai was great.  Liesl loved it too.  Dominica is constantly amazed that Liesl likes spicy food.  Liesl absolutely loved my curry fried rice and ate tons of it.  I got it spicier than Dominica wanted to have and Liesl still preferred mine.  Liesl has always loved spicy curry.  She is very thankful that Coconut Thai delivers to us.

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