December 4, 2010: First Weekend in the House

My first weekend in our new home.  This is awesome.  Of course, it would be more awesome if we had clean clothes to wear but one thing at a time, I suppose.

I got paged out this morning and started work at six thirty.  I’m still feeling very, very sick so this wasn’t ideal but it was good that they called me.  It was an actual issue and it is better to get me earlier rather than later.  I went into the living room and settled in to the rocking chair and used Dominica’s laptop to work.  It is, after all, the only available laptop, or computer of any kind, in the house other than the iPod Touch and the iPad.

I worked for quite a while and then decided that I needed to nap some being as sick as I am.  So I went back to bed where Oreo is being super snuggly and got another hour or two before getting up to do some other work for the office.

Ever since we moved into the new house Oreo has become much more of  a lap dog.  He is regularly climbing into my lap even when I am just sitting on the floor and even moreso when I am on the recliner.  Maybe because he is cold or maybe because he is a bit nervous about being in a new place and just wants to be held and to get some reassurance.  Overall, though, we are pretty confident that he is really liking the new place.  The ability to go outside anytime that he wants with trivial effort and no stairs makes him, and us, very, very happy.

Liesl’s new favourite place to play is in the “office” – the third bedroom that will be an office/guest bedroom for the next year and eventually the nursery for baby miller who is on the way.  She makes me sit on the floor.  “Sit daddy”, she says pointing to a spot on the floor.  She then sits opposite me and talks to me telling me about this and that and playing with some of her toys.  She likes playing in the office much more than playing in her own room.  Probably because they is more open floor space but possibly just because it is so secluded at the very end of the hallway as far from the rest of the house as possible.

I ended up having to work quite a bit today.  It was a very busy day at the office, even though it is a Saturday, but we did as much work around the house as we could.  Great progress overall.

We are loving how the LED lights look in the house.  We only have the two but they noticeably do not produce as much heat and the light that they give off is much more pleasant than even the fluorescent lights are.  We are planning to get more.  The house actually looks more attractive using them.  The first ones that we tried are one in the ceiling fan of our bedroom – one of four lights in that fixture, and one in the spot light pointing at the fireplace.  That one is really awesome as we can use it alone and it works significantly better than the much higher wattage bulb that it replaced.  The light looks better when on and when off the fixture actually looks better using that bulb.

Our really big project this afternoon is going through all of the kitchen and cleaning out the cupboards to get them ready for food.  The kitchen cabinetry is really in rough shape.  Tons of it is ruined and needs to be fixed and what isn’t broken is not in great shape.  We really want to replace the kitchen but that is low on our list of things that need to be done.  It is serviceable and will get us by for a long time.  The biggest issue is that many of the lowest cabinets bottoms have bowed and become useless over time.  It is clear that these are the original cabinets from 1978.

Brian drove up with a truckload this evening of stuff for the house.  We thought that he was coming to hang out but just came up, with Jen, to deliver a load and to take off again.  So at least we have a lot more stuff to work on putting away.

We stayed up late working on the house.  Tomorrow morning the new appliances are due to arrive from the Lowes delivery folks.  We are slated for early morning so it could be pretty early.

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