December 6, 2010: The Plumber Cometh

I got up this morning and drove into the office.  I’m running pretty low on clothes so it was a struggle to find anything to wear at all.  I’m sure that Dominica is not very happy that I get to escape the house today as there is so much to do and so many issues that need to be handled that she has to take care of on her own.

The plumber called today and is coming up this afternoon.  What a relief it is to have someone come so quickly.

I was so busy today that I worked right through lunch.  There is just so much to do.

The plumber found the issue without a problem.  The drain from the laundry room didn’t connect to anything in the wall. The plumber said that to him it looked like it was pulled out from up on the roof.  So every drop coming out of the washer was going straight onto the floor inside of the wall.  Ugh.  His guess was that this was not recent and not likely from the foundation work which could not have moved the plumbing this far.

He had to cut into the wall a bit to fix the plumbing.  American Home Shield is sending someone out on Friday to patch up the drywall.  Awesome.

So now, as of this afternoon, we can finally do laundry.  A full week of owning the house to get to the point that we can safely run the washing machine.  What a long week it has been.

Dominica immediately started doing as much laundry as she could.  She is so excited to be able to do it finally.  This is going to make a major difference.

The new washing machine is a very high efficiency model which is great as it will likely pay for itself in just a year or two compared to the old model.  Okay, maybe not that quickly.  But it will pay for itself and it really wasn’t expensive anyway and there was a fifty dollar instant rebate for getting an energy efficient model.

After work I went over to the house and packed up a load for the Mazda.  Brian decided to make a run with me as well and so we also packed the TrailBlazer.  That got most everything.  We can see the light at the end of the tunnel now.  There is only so much left to do.  Originally Dominica was going to drive down tonight as well but we decided to let her keep working at the house and that we would do a load tomorrow with her coming down too – possibly in the morning instead.

While Brian was at the house he helped put the television on the television stand in our bedroom.  Now I can at least consider hooking it up soon so that we can watch things again.

More unpacking tonight and dinner ordered in again from Coconut Thai.  Dominica ordered dinner before I got home so that I just showed up and we ate.  Very easy to do that way.

Tomorrow morning is the mold inspection.  We are pretty nervous about that.  That is not covered under any home warranty so whatever disaster strikes we are paying out of pocket.

We were up pretty late tonight working on the house.  One of the few chances to stay up late since I am working from home in the morning to deal with the inspection.

It is a very busy week.  Plumber today, mold inspector tomorrow, Oreo’s vet appointment on Wednesday, the babies ultrasound on Thursday and the drywall guy coming on Friday followed by the Grice clan in the evening.

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