December 7, 2010: Mold Inspection

Today is our mold inspection.  I got up this morning and worked from home for an hour before the mold inspector arrived.  She came at nine thirty and spent a couple of hours going over the house and then sitting with us to discuss the findings.

We do, of course, have mold.  That much we knew.  No getting around that.  There was a very small amount found under both sinks, pretty par for the course I guess.  The inspector did not find mold outside of what we had already seen, though, which is really good.  There is every possibility that all that we have is what we see.

We discussed what could be done about the mold and, overall, I think that the prognosis was rather positive.  The inspector thought that we could recover our carpeting and maybe even our padding and directed us to some EPA approved mold treatment chemicals that would do a much better job than bleach and be safer as well.

Our humidity in the house is excellent for retarding mold growth so we are doing a really good job there at least.  We’ve managed to probably stop any further growth at this time.  We had a sample taken of the major growth in the laundry room so that we could find out if it is just normal mildew or if it is something bad and unhealthy.  Not that normal mold is healthy, but it isn’t toxic either.

We will get more details from the sampling on Friday or possibly Monday.

As soon as the inspection was done Dominica and Liesl went to the apartment to work on packing up the fragile items, like plates, that are still there so that we can get them all out today.  I stayed behind to do mold remediation  and wrap up work before it became lunch time so that I would have a little bit of time to help with the packing.

I pulled the carpeting out of the closets and put them in the garage to dry.  Hopefully that will eliminate most of the problems there.  Now the pads are exposed and just might have a chance to dry out a little more, as will the baseboards.

I moved the dehumidifier back from the laundry area to the closets to really get the pads dry.  I thought that I should clean its filter even though it wasn’t very dirty, just to give it all of the power that it could get.  When I took it off I discovered that the entire condenser was a frozen block of ice!  Oh boy.

I spent over an hour thawing out the condenser.  What a mess.  Probably a quart of water came out of that thing after I let it sit out and blew a air dryer on it for a while.  No wonder it wasn’t pulling as much water as I had expected that it would!  It will be far more productive now.  I waited until the dripping stopped and switched it back on.  Fingers crossed that nothing is wrong with it.

Then it was off to the apartment where I quickly loaded both the BMW and the Mazda with boxes that Dominica had prepared.  With so much going on today, no chance for lunch yet again.  Once the cars were loaded I ran to the office to work from there for the rest of the day and let Dominica go back home.

After this there is just some clothes in the front closet, my guitar and a Sun SunFire V240 server left to get which I can easily do with the Mazda tomorrow.  We can see the light at the end of the tunnel.

Liesl naps very late which works out with my work schedule. I rather have to work quite late now so that I do not drive home in rush hour.  In rush hour it appears to take forty five minutes to get home.  When rush hour is over it is more like fourteen minutes.  Quite a waste to try to go home early.  But if I wait until seven I can get home right as Liesl is waking up from her nap and so I don’t miss time with her and don’t waste time driving.  That is what we did tonight.

Once I got home we went out for dinner at Denny’s just up the street from home.  They have a new veggie burger there now that we like which is a big deal as recently almost all of the big, national chains have dropped their veggie burgers – all at the same time which is really weird.  How can that possibly have been losing them money?

The house is really coming along.  The PS3 is now hooked up in our bedroom to the television.  We haven’t tried using it yet but it is there just in case.  Liesl is pretty happy using the iPad to watching things when she does want to watch something.

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