November 28, 2010: First Day as Family Day

Francesca and the kids got up very early this morning and were on the road on their way back down to Houston before any of the Millers even woke up.  Now that we have the apartment to ourselves again, we have approximately forty-eight hours to do any prep that we are going to do to get the apartment ready for us to move in which we are supposed to do around noon on Tuesday.

Mostly we spent the day attempting to clean.  There was a ton to be done and we were really exhausted.  There was very little packing to be done.  We really are not sure where to start.  We can’t pack anything in earnest because we need to still be able to live in the apartment until we know that everything is good with the house.  So we are kind of caught in the middle waiting for the house to close so that we can schedule everything and get the moving underway.

A lot of today was spent doing some relaxing and spending a little time together as a family.  This is our first “day” together just us in over a month!  Hard to believe.

We watched some of the Harry Potter movies on BluRay this afternoon.  We needed some time to just sit and putz around the apartment.

We are all feeling a bit under the weather today.  Sinus issues.  The Grice family had been sick while they were here so we are fearing that we may have contracted some disease from them.  They have been known to spread the plague to us in the past.

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