November 29, 2010: Last Day in the Apartment

Or so we hope.  Tomorrow we are scheduled to close on the house at ten in the morning and, if all goes well, we will be starting to move in over lunch.  Our hope is to have the cars loaded and maybe take a truck with the bed over to the new house at lunch after the closing is done and be in a position so that Dominica and Liesl can spend the day at the new house while I am at work and then I can get another load or two of our stuff in the evening and get us into a “living” position by the end of the day so that we can spend the night in the new house and really tackle the immediate moving needs on Wednesday.

We have been holding off on doing laundry at the apartment for several days because it is so inconvenient and expensive to do it there and we should have a washer and dryer by tomorrow that Dominica can use all day without having to leave the apartment.  So our laundry is piling up on us.

I am quite sick this morning, I can barely speak.  I definitely caught whatever the Grices had.  So I am working from home today to keep from infecting the team.  This is going to make for a really long week.

We did very little today.  A little bit of getting last minute paperwork in place for the closing tomorrow but that was about it.  We called our real estate agent and set up a final walkthrough of the house for this evening.  She was surprised that we wanted this – apparently people do not do this in Texas.  We thought that that would be crazy since the house had had major foundation work, plumbing changes, wall repair and more since we last saw it and we really have no idea what the condition of the house is going to be.

We did the walkthrough this evening at five thirty.  It went well, nothing surprising.  House looks great.  The repairs seem to have gone well.  Can’t wait to start moving in tomorrow.  We are so ready to be out of the apartment.

After the walkthrough we went to dinner at Las Nenas in Irving on Beltline.  Dinner was very good as always there.  We really like Nenas.  We found out at dinner, though, that our closing was pushed back until two tomorrow afternoon – four hours later than we had planned.  That means that there is a lot that we can’t get done tomorrow on the house.  Basically our move to pushed back until the evening at best and that is going to be a struggle too.  But what can you do.  Too bad we didn’t get any notice.  Apparently the bank forgot to tell us about that.

After dinner we got back home and got to bed.  I was starting to get pretty decently sick by the time that we were done and really need to get rest before the long day tomorrow.

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