December 24, 2010: Twas the Night Before Christmas

Boy is it cold in New York.  We are acclimated to Texas already and this is much colder than we find comfortable.  Who would have guessed!

We all slept in some this morning but not nearly as much as you would have guessed given the marathon drive that we just did.

This is the first time, I think, since Dominica and I have been together that we have been able to make it out to her parents’ place a full day before Christmas.  We traditionally show up very, very early on Christmas morning and barely get a nap before the Christmas morning festivities begin.  For once we have some time to actually relax.

I did have to work today but there was basically nothing going on.  It is a pseudo-holiday at the office.  Maybe I am supposed to have today off but no one said anything so I just worked.  It was super slow so not like it took a lot of my time.

We went to church this evening.  Liesl did pretty well until almost the end when she got very upset and I had to run out with her and sit in the car until church was over.

Getting ready for Christmas day is always a major undertaking so it was decently late by the time that we managed to actually get to bed.  Dominica, Oreo and I are sharing an air mattress that is starting to collapse on my side so I spent much of the night clinging to the bed to keep from falling onto the floor, taking Oreo with me and bashing my head into the night stand.

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