December 25, 2010: It’s Christmas

Dominica and I exchanged our gifts to each other before leaving Texas out of convenience.  I got her the GMC Acadia and a garage to put it in 😉  Actually we decided to not really do Christmas this year for each other because we were buying the house and car and have a baby on the way.  Just not a good time to be buying lots of extra stuff.  I was planning on getting Dominica the Lego Hogwarts Castle kit when we returned to Texas.  I didn’t want to get her anything that needed to be shipped around.  On Black Friday, Dominica had gotten me Fable III and Dragon Quest IX so I did get something from her too.  She hasn’t actually given them to me yet but I do know that I got them.  I’m trying to restrain myself from playing them, though, until I can completely finish Oblivion, at the very least.  So maybe in February I can get to them.

This is Liesl’s first real Christmas.  It isn’t technically her first Christmas but it is the first one where she can open presents on her own and actually understands what is going on.  It is, of course, her third Christmas which is pretty hard to believe.  It is her second in New York, her last Christmas was spent down in Houston.

Liesl had a lot of fun and did a really good job of staying on task and not trying to tear into every present that she saw.  She was a very good little girl all morning.  She got tons of great stuff too.  She is going to have a lot of fun when she gets home to Texas and gets to play with all of this stuff.

This Christmas we are a bit more relaxed than we have been in past years.  With the addition of Garrett, Liesl and Clara there are just too many kids now for the normal pace and planning of Christmas.  We are now staying at the house all day rather than racing to wrap up and get to Dominica’s grandfather’s house by mid afternoon which doesn’t allow enough time to do everything.

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