December 27, 2010: Everyone is Doing Legos

I’m doing my best to get caught up with SGL after the holidays.  It is so hard once you have fallen behind.

This morning was the morning to begin cleaning up after Christmas.  The tree got taken down and the dining room cleaned up.  We got a table set up in the dining room so that Emily could set up and work on her Legos.

Dominica and Francesca also got to work in the kitchen on their own Lego projects.  Everyone really enjoyed working on Legos.  We have a major hit on our hands.

Madeline decided that she wanted to get Legos as well.  We ended up, due to dinner taking over three hours even though we were only one of two tables in the restaurant when we got there and being one of only three all evening, not having time to run out to do some shopping for them tonight so the plan is to take her shopping in the morning instead.

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