December 26, 2010: Lego Day

There was so much to do yesterday that Liesl did not even manage to open all of her presents!  She has two large presents waiting for her to get around to opening them yet today.

Today, Dominica and Francesca began assembling the Lego Harry Potter game that Dominica received for Christmas.  This is the first time that we have seen a Lego game like this.  You assemble the board game like it is a Lego kit then you can play the game.  A neat idea.

As it turns out, this is the first time that either Dominica or Francesca had ever put together a Lego kit!  Unbelievable.  We talked about it and it turned out that when they were young they had a denim bag of loose Lego parts and a book of “ideas” – just pictures of some simple Lego structures and things – and they had no idea that Legos normally involved specific kits with directions.  Being someone who grew up with Legos this was unbelievable to me.  Especially as I am so used to seeing Lego kits in stores – it never occurred to me that someone would think that those kits had no directions.

They had so much fun putting together the Lego kit that before they were even done Dominica had sent Emily and I out to go shopping for some Legos.  Emily had decided that she wanted to do Legos as well as had Francesca.  So Emily and I drove over to the Walmart in Herkimer.

We picked up the Lego Hogwarts Castle, not a small set at all, for Dominica.  It is the one that she had really been wanting.  We also got Hagrid’s Hut for Francesca.  We looked around for quite a while for Emily and finally decided on a house kit from the “Creator” series that comes with the parts and directions to do three completely different houses with one kit which is perfect for Emily who will only own a single kit for a while.  Madeline decided that she would wait to see if the Legos looked like fun and if she decided that she wanted a kit that we would go out tomorrow to get one for her.

No one did any of the kits tonight for lack of space in the house.  Emily was quite bummed as she really wanted to get started.  The plan is to make space for her tomorrow morning once the Christmas tree is taken down and the dining room is cleared.

After everyone went to bed, Dominica pulled out her Legos and did a little work, maybe an hour or two, on the beginnings of her castle.  She really enjoyed it and is planning to finish the giant kit tomorrow.

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