December 29, 2010: Heading Out to Dad’s

First thing this morning, but not nearly as early as we had hoped, Dominica, Liesl, Oreo and I set out to drive out to dad’s place to spend the rest of our time in New York.  We managed to divide our time equally in Frankfort and Peoria on this trip.  The roads were good and the trip was pretty quick.  We listened to more of The Disappearing Spoon on our drive.  We have about two hours left to go before we are completely done with the book.

It was nearly noon when we arrived at dad’s.  There is more snow here than I had been expecting but there is snow everywhere up here so it is not really surprising.

We spent the day hanging out with dad.  He and Liesl were very excited to see each other again.  They are buddies.

For dinner we were out to the Omega, our old stomping ground.  It’s been a while now and it is getting hard to remember that we used to live here, in Geneseo.  I haven’t seen our house now in years.  I do miss it, though, it was a great house.  And it was our first.  You always miss your first house.

I can’t believe that I now, being only thirty four, own my third house.  Who goes through that many houses?  It is amazing how much our life has changed since we bought the house on Lima Road back in 2003.  Who would have guessed that we would have moved to New Jersey, then the Hudson Valley and then on down to Texas?

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