December 30, 2010: Hanging on the Farm

Today is Thursday.  I am working from dad’s office today.  Very little work going on.  This is the slowest week of the year, the week between Christmas and New Year’s.  I’m not sure if there is any holiday day to take this week but things are so slow that I am just working through it anyway.  Likely tomorrow is meant to be the holiday and I just don’t know for sure.

Very little to report.  SGL is far behind and I am filling details back in weeks later, as expected during the holiday seasons.  Most of the day is spent with me working in the office and Dad, Dominica and Liesl hanging out in the living room.  Dad is getting lots of Liesl time in.

Liesl has been playing with her new Fisher Price playhouse set that she got from her Aunt Sharon and Uncle Leo quite a bit.  She is really loving it.  She is also liking her new car racetrack toy from her Paw-paw.  It is a quite tall, plastic car track that you put one of two plastic, Little People cars onto and they race down one of two racetracks to the bottom.  She has been liking playing with cars pretty recently now.

While at Walmart in Geneseo this evening we managed to run into Mary.  Somehow we always manage to see her when we are in town which is amazing as we never really know where she will be.

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