January 1, 2011: No Way!

The sun rises on the second decade of Sheep Guarding Llama this morning.  We have now entered the “twenty teens”.  Ten more years until we have a decently named decade that we can easily refer to.  For the past ten years everyone has generally just avoided referring to the decade as anything at all because they just don’t know what to call it.  “The turn of the century” still refers to moving from the eighteenth to the nineteenth centuries and not the latest change, which is strange indeed.  It has been so long since we had the aughts and the teens that no one is sure that the correct usage is in that context.  Some people called it the “2000’s” which makes no sense as that refers to the millennium, not a century or decade.  The century is the twenty first.  The millennium is the second.  The decade is the aughts or, more precisely, the twenty aughts.

Today is Saturday and presumably a holiday but I had just a little work that needed to be done today.  Other than that it was just a family day.  Time to hang out and visit mostly with dad so that he can get more Liesl time.

This evening, Dominica, Liesl and I drove over to Livonia to hang out with the Millen’s.  We only get to see them once or twice a year at best.  Being in Texas is hard when there are so many people back home that you want to get to see.  We picked up pizza and beer and hung out for several hours.  This is our first time seeing their home since they have mostly finished the basement.  They had not even begun work on it the last time that we had been in Livonia.

Liesl had a great time playing with the Millen kids.  Liesl is the youngest but only barely.  They taught her to say “No Way!” like a little 90s girl.  So now she is saying that constantly.

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